Please take note that the tickets to assist to the competition are in sale on the spot at the cost of 5$ per day (Cash only). Showcase tickets are also in sale strating friday morning (April 15th) at the cost of 15$ for the hole evening The show case will be in two aprts and will begin at 6 pm. You will be able to see our guest artist in the second part and the award ceremony will be at the end of the second part. Take a look at our great performer below! A show not to be missed!





                                                                                GARDY                                SAXON FRASER                                DAVY BOISVERT






Can we resist the excesses of the modern life or they will eventually be right of our mental health? It is the question which puts Alexandra ' Spicey ' Landé in Complex R, hinting at the primitive structure of the reptilian brain which manages the instincts bound to motricity, the vigilance and survival of the species. Pursuing her crusade for the decompartmentalization of the culture hip-hop, she strengthens the influence of the contemporary dance on the street dance by staging five dancers of varied horizons. Thirst of power, voyeurism, distraught collection of visibility are a part of symptoms of a collective pathology which we fight by with revolt which we avoid from imaginary paradise. Demanding, hip-hop house, b-girling / b-boying, waacking and locking anchor in a theatricality tinged with dance, where she finds new forms for our most great pleasure.

Chorégraphe: Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé

Dancers: 5 – with the collaboration of the dancers, Axelle ‘Ebony’ Munezero, Christina ‘Hurricane Tina’ Paquette Sandy ‘Did’ Béland, Marie-Reine ‘MQueen’ Kabasha, Lakessha ‘Kiki’ Pierre-Colon 

sound conception: Shash’U – Silence D’Or. & other artists, Light conception and technical director: Benoit Larivière, Costumes: Pina Mercury

"The creation of this piece was possible with the financial support of Quebec Art and Letter Council."

Complexe R benefited of a help programm for dance artists of University of Quebec in Montreal dance department. 



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