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Hip Hop

Kojo 'TUCH' Mayne

Through Toronto’s premiere entertainment company – Do Dat Entertainment – Tuch has transformed his passion for dance into a thriving career. Tuch has risen to the top of his craft as a sought after dancer/performer and currently movement coach, instructor and choreographer. Tuch joined Do Dat Entertainment in 1998, and since then has performed with top musicians and entertainers, such as Shawn Desman, Eve & Gwen Stefani, Jully Black, Missy Elliott, and Selena Gomez. He’s worked with Sean Paul, Rihanna, Danny Fernandes, Victoria Duffield, Keisha Chante, Christina Aguilera, and Jay-Z in music videos and commercials. In addition, Tuch has appeared in numerous television/film and stage productions such as: the 2011 Much Music Awards, the Listener series, 2010 Olympic Torch Ceremony, The CW’s Beauty & the Beast series, E! News Weekend, the motion picture Honey featuring Jessica Alba, WeDay, the Junos, and the BET Awards. Recent highlights have been Movement Coach to rising Canadian singer Francesco Yates, and assisting Luther Brown on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Lifetime’s 2014 biopic "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B" & the 2015 Pan Am Opening Ceremony. With 20 years of experience in the dance industry, Tuch is a fixture in the Toronto dance industry, having taught classes & workshops internationally, guiding and working with upcoming artists, and judging at the World Of Dance Competition 2011 – 2012 & the 2017 Canada Hip Hop Dance Championship


In the early days of his career, Mark danced for countless Canadian artists such as Shawn Desman, Jully Black, Victoria Duffield and Nelly Furtado to name a few. He has also danced in Canada’s most notable shows such as The Juno Awards, MMVA’s and So You Think You Can Dance Canada. After spending years building his resume and honing his skills as a dancer in Canada, Mark decided to take the next major step in his career and become a dancer in the U.S. He was fortunate enough to work with some of the industries biggest choreographers there. His journey led him to dance for multi-platinum recording artists such as Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliott, Kelis and many more. Today, Mark is a well-established figure in the dance industry and with over 20 years of experience, he has shifted his passion into choreography. He cochoreographs Ricky Martin’s award-winning boy band, CNCO. He also choreographed his first feature film, Dr. Cabbie. As he became more recognizable as a choreographer, he teamed up with the legendary Paul Becker (Choreographer/Director). Together, they have choreographed for a variety of very successful film and TV shows such as Disney’s - The Descendants, The Magicians, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, starring Neil Patrick Harris and Good Boys starting Seth Rogan. As Mark continues to climb the ladder to success, he wants to be an influential voice in the dance industry that will allow him to provide opportunities to the next generation of dancers.


Alex Francoeur is a versatile professional dancer from Montreal. He is currently living in Los Angeles. He started his young career dancing for Marie Mai and on TV sets as "La Voix" and the Gala Artis. Alex travelled around Canada where he could teach and perform next to Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, Kiesza and Neil Patrick Harris, to name a few... He pursed his travelling and stopped in The Big Aple, NYC to finally ended in Los Angeles. He performed on "Dancing with the Stars", "The Day Time Emmy Awards", "Wango Tango" and stand alongside DJ Tiësto and Sofia Carson. Recently Alex got the role of Joey in the musical "Saturday Night Fever".